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Tim Andrews on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Sol and I had the distinct pleasure of shooting Tim Andrews yesterday. He’s been battling Parkinson’s for the last 6 years. Which is what led him to start this project If you watch the clips and read the article links below, he explains himself about the reasons behind this project better than I can, and gives you a great insight into the man himself.

His zest for life, passion for creativity and carpe diem attitude are wonderful to experience. Our few short hours with Tim left me with a great love for the man, his way of dealing with life and the problems it presented him with.

As for the photo itself, I know many photographers concentrated on his illness, but I wanted to show Tim is more than just his disease. This shot is from some straightforward portraits that I did. I particularly liked this one because it shows so clearly the man I described above. There’s some film I need to get developed too, so hopefully be back with something a little more… interesting.

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